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The Malignant Narcissist Alexander Lukashenko

The good Belarus people are being subjected to the violence of the venimous Lukashenko regime. Good peaceful demonstrators have been detained unlawfully, beaten, raped, tortured, maimed and killed by the thugs of Lukashenko!

This malignant narcissist Lukashenko after rigging the recent elections to have himself elected president again…has the audacity to inaugurate himself in a private gathering of sycophantic minions who care nothing about the good people on the streets demonstrating peacefully against the dictator and his rigged election. His Gestapo/SS type thugs continue to violently beat, rape, torture, maim and kill the good Belarusian people and the world is relatively silent still!

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said when speaking out against the tyranny of the Nazi regime, “Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil!”

Why is the world so silent? Why is this matter not on the front pages of the media here in the UK…why isn’t it daily on the tv news broadcasts?


People mean nothing! We claim to be the great defenders of democracy and human rights but we really are just shadows dancing in the shadows!

I wish to God that we had some real politicians who stood up and spoke out against all tyranny and abuses happening in the world today. Here in Europe some are trying to speak up and have said that they do not recognize the malignant narcissist, Lukashenko, as the president of Belarus. But we need more voices and brave people to make a stand, to speak out, to use their internet, and their voices to stand with the abused and to aid the bringing down of the tyrannical regimes that have dogged our history and lives for far too long.

Long live a free Belarus and may the good people there soon be freed from the clutches of the malignant narcissist and blood lusting leech, Alexander Lukashenko!

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The Belarusian Horror!

Watching the news coming out of Belarus makes me want to cry and scream at the same time! The cockroach Lukashenko and his Gestapo type minions are brutalizing’s the Belarusian people, especially the young students in universities and colleges!

I am amazed at the fortitude, determination, tenacity and resilience of the young people who have been raped, beaten, tortured, maimed and killed by the thuggery of the tyrannical regime!

I am appalled by the silence of my government and the governments of the free world, over this abuse of humanity! I am appalled by how little air time is given to this tyranny, by the News Services in the West! I am saddened by the lack of voices heard in Churches around the world speaking out clearly in regard to this. But…I am not surprised! The western world and the Church has become prosperous, fat and useless! It prefers to sit silently in the hope that the disturbance will eventually go away and so not disturb their peaceful slumbering!

It was Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said, ” Silence in the face of evil is evil itself”.

I hope that all who have a voice, small or large, will speak out against all tyranny in all its forms!

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All you works of the Lord, O bless the Lord.

Here is my favourite Canticle taken from
Daniel 3:57-88,56
(You sadly won’t find it in most Protestant bibles😢)

This version is taken from my Office of Daily Prayer!

Br. Michael.

The three sang with one voice in the heart of the fire: Blessed be God, alleluia.

O all you works of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, angels of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, the heavens of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
And you, clouds of the sky, O bless the Lord.
And you, all armies of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, sun and moon, O bless the Lord.
And you, the stars of the heavens, O bless the Lord.
And you, showers and rain, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, all you breezes and winds, O bless the Lord.
And you, fire and heat, O bless the Lord.
And you, cold and heat, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, showers and dew, O bless the Lord.
And you, frosts and cold, O bless the Lord.
And you, frost and snow, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, night-time and day, O bless the Lord.
And you, darkness and light, O bless the Lord.
And you, lightning and clouds, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

O let the earth bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, mountains and hills, O bless the Lord.
And you, all plants of the earth, O bless the Lord.
And you, fountains and springs, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, rivers and seas, O bless the Lord.
And you, creatures of the sea, O bless the Lord.
And you, every bird in the sky, O bless the Lord.
And you, wild beasts and tame, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, children of men, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

O Israel, bless the Lord, O bless the Lord.
And you, priests of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
And you, servants of the Lord, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

And you, spirits and souls of the just, O bless the Lord.
And you, holy and humble of heart, O bless the Lord.
Ananias, Azarias, Mizael, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

Let us praise the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit:
To you be highest glory and praise for ever.

May you be blessed, O Lord, in the heavens:
To you be highest glory and praise for ever.

The three sang with one voice in the heart of the fire: Blessed be God, alleluia.

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Renewing My Vows

I am soon to renew my vow of celibacy when I renew my profession and the three vowed precepts (Justice, Love and Humility) which we follow in the Order. I believe we all need to regularly remind ourselves of our calling, whether in the religious life or in marriage. It helps us again focus on our calling and restores a balance to our often fragmented lives.

Of course I have not always been a celebate Franciscan…but since Sues death I have. I desire to continue in my Franciscan calling which started in the late 60’s! It has not always been an easy choice as the intimate touch of another human being is so wonderfully spiritual, sacred and special!

Renewing my vows, (wedding or religious), is important to me and I believe we all need to constantly surrender to such renewal! When I married I vowed to love Sue in sickness and in health until death parted us! Most of the time this was easy as Sue was the most loving wife a man could ever wish for! But there were times when we both had to renew our surrender to each other (me more than Sue) and to the vows we had made!

I believe this unprecedented time is a time of renewal! It might not seem that way but I believe it is!


Note: The three vowed precepts the Companions of Jesus profess come from the Book of Micah chapter 6 verse 8. “…And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love tenderly (that is the way of mercy) and to walk humbly with your God.”

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Let Yourself Be Useless! – Thought for the Day

Let Yourself Be Useless!

Prayer is not a way of being busy with God instead of with people. In fact, it unmasks the illusion of busyness, usefulness, and indispensability. It is a way of being empty and useless in the presence of God and so of proclaiming our basic belief that all is grace and nothing is simply the result of hard work. Indeed, wasting time for God is an act of ministry, because it reminds us and our people that God is free to touch anyone regardless of our well-meant efforts. Prayer as an articulate way of being useless in the face of God brings a smile to all we do and creates humor in the midst of our occupations and preoccupations.

Thinking about my own prayer, I realize how easily I make it into a little seminar with God, during which I want to be useful by reading beautiful prayers, thinking profound thoughts, and saying impressive words. I am obviously still worried about the grade! It indeed is a hard discipline to be useless in God’s presence and to let him speak in the silence of my heart. But whenever I become a little useless I know that God is calling me to a new life beyond the boundaries of my usefulness.


Henri Nouwen

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Lockdown and The Worry Game

The Rev Nadia Bolz-Webber shares some very helpful thoughts for us all in the present Covid-19 lockdown. We can learn from others who had to wait for years to be free! Listen and learn!


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The Pain of Friends!

My dear friends Glyn and Emma Moreton have suffered quite enough from the lies and toxic venom some so called Christian have been injecting into the local Christian Community, here in Bexhill on sea.

After 9 months they are drained and hurting…not only them but their children too! I have written before about the peddlers of these lies and their delusions. These peddlers live locally and they are known to me and many folk in and around Bexhill. The sad thing is that other Christians have been taken in by these pseudo Christians and because they (unwittingly or knowingly) believe in a wrathful, exclusive god, they have swallowed the peddlers lies, completely!

Glyn, Emma and their children are not beaten by the this putrid demonic attack bought about by these peddlers of lies and falsehood! Battered yes…but not crushed! You see they know the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ and they know that in all these vile lies and deranged tales, they are more than conquerors, through the One whose fragrance they exude and show to all who know them! The Jesus they follow is inclusive and not exclusive! His raging furious love is what sustains them and enables them to be a people of Shalom!

I pray that the peddlers of these lies will come to a place of true repentance and that the churches and folk locally, who not only swallowed the lies and deceit of the Peddlers, but also propagated it, will fast and with true contrition seek how they might make reparation to Glyn, Emma and their children!



Pax et Bonum

Brother Michael

20th March 2020

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Corvid-19 Corona Virus….is Not God’s Judgement!

(Note to reader: I will use the masculine for God, but as the Divine does not have a gender…you can use She if you so choose!)

I received an email from a Christian ministry that is calling the nation to prayer to overcome the present Corona virus pandemic. It might seem like a good thing…but I have serious concerns regarding Christians who think that God is somehow behind this and so is shaking the nations in some fit of judgemental anger for our wickedness!

Whilst I applaud a call to prayer…I do not think it should be one that implies that God is the instigator, overseer, designer….or is in any way responsible, for this present pandemic and that He is not shaking the nations in wrath against our sinfulness!

God is not a god of anger! He is the God of Love and is Love! To think otherwise is folly and based on fear! Love drives out fear as Light does darkness!

God does not interfere in the world which He created and loves! There is a mystery hidden in creation and it includes the mystery of suffering and death. We cannot escape this mystery and should not seek to scapegoat it either upon God, or as in this pandemic, some are doing against the LGBTQ community or the Chinese.

I believe God can and does sometimes miraculously intervene in situations and circumstances. I have no idea why He chooses some and not others…but that is part of the mystery. I have seen miracles which according to science are impossible and yet they have been verified by doctors and those qualified to say that the matter was not explainable in the natural order!

So should Christians be praying that God come and stop this pandemic?

Yes and No.

There is nothing wrong in praying for healing, restoration and wholeness. But what is wrong is when you think that sin has caused this event and that evil somehow has the upper hand! When we start to believe that the nation(s) is (are) sinful we then we start to point, (albeit at times silently) to those who we deem are the sinful ones and so responsible for the dire conditions we find ourselves in and therefore it is they who have made us all vulnerable to the wrathful vengeance of God! When we do this then we depart from the Gospel – Good News and have given ourselves fully into the hands of the great liar and adversary of Love!

Let us pray for shalom and try as best we can, to show the love of God by our words and actions in these difficult days and seek to be true emissaries of love and not of fear!

Br. Michael

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Christ The Light

“Christ is the light that allows people to see things in their fullness. The precise and intended effect of such a light is to see Christ everywhere else. In fact, that is my only definition of a true Christian. A mature Christian sees Christ in everything and everyone else. That is a definition that will never fail you, always demand more of you, and give you no reason to fight, exclude or reject anyone.

Isn’t that ironic? The point of the Christian life in not to distinguish oneself from the ungodly, but to stand in radical solidarity with everyone and everything else. This is the full, final, and intended effect of the incarnation – symbolized by its finality in the cross, which is God’s great act of solidarity instead of judgement. Without a doubt, Jesus perfectly exemplified this seeing, and thus passed it on to the rest of history. This is how we are to imitate Christ, the good Jewish man who saw and called forth the divine in Gentiles like the Syro-Phoenician woman and the Roman centurions who followed him; in Jewish tax collectors who collaborated with the Empire; in zealots who opposed it; in sinners of all stripes; in eunuchs, pagan astrologers, and all those “outside the law.” Jesus had no trouble whatsoever with otherness. In fact, these “lost sheep” found out they were not lost to him at all, and tended to become his best followers.”

(Excerpt taken from, The Universal Christ, by Richard Rohr, OFM)

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Reaching Christians With The Good News – (Part Three)

The churches one foundation is fear and fear alone…

Fear is sadly at the heart of most churches! Fear is the driving force for evangelism. Fear is the bedrock on which individuals and congregations are controlled! Fear is to do with punishment!

I grew up in a fear driven church system! Sadly, in my 65 years, I have seen the same fear based controlling influence, in all the churches I’ve attended or read about. Fear is a powerful weapon and the easiest way of controlling people and produces an exclusive group. Fear produces a ‘we have – we’re in’ and  and a ‘you don’t – you’re’ out’ mentality!

Fear is driven by the idea of punishment! The Christian idea of hell is based on this fear system. We have so influenced the world that they produce copious works of horror stories and films, all based around this system of belief!

My early life and much of my adult life was driven and influenced by the fear of damnation and being lost forever! The Church set out what was Mortal or Venial in sin terms…but the consequence of not doing the right thing…at least the right thing according to the Church…left me on the very precipice of hell and eternal punishment and damnation!  (Punishment is central to any fear based system!)

As long as I performed the right way, attended the Church weekly/daily, went to mass/confession, prayed the prayers, did all the right things that I was told to do, I was safe! But, if I strayed….I was damned unless I sought forgiveness and then of course had to make recompense and do penance…and then this might not have been truly enough, as I would fall into sin again and the gates of hell were then wide open again to take me! Fear..fear..fear!

The other churches were the same, though in different ways! We didn’t have to confess to a priest…but the fear of hell was the same! In fact it was in many ways worse! It was no fun being a sinner in the hands of an angry god! How many lost souls had we saved in the week…saved from going to hell?  Had we paid our tithe and so honoured God? Had we respected the anointed pastor? Had we drunk alcohol, smoked or watched filth on the TV?  Had we become backsliders? Were we really converted!?  I think I must have said the sinners prayer again and again, at least at every large meeting’ and privately too, in case I had not really been fully repentant, or maybe, because I had lustfully looked at a human body during the week, and so knew that God hated me for such wickedness!  I didn’t want to go to hell and burn in excruciating agony for all eternity! Fear..fear..fear!

So how do we escape this perversion of the Good News?

Love is the answer!

I will be writing more fully on the perfection of love, in my continuing series on, ‘Reaching Christians with The Good News’, and how love drives out fear!


Live loved!                                                                                                                                                Br. Michael Daly, CJ.


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