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The importance of knowing you are loved, by Stephen Daly.

You may find this read to be made up of stuff that you already know and consider it to be no-brainer material. However, something I have found is that a lot of the things I consider to be no-brainer material are the things where we truly need revelation, or at the least a deeper understanding.

For example Jesus loves you. Now that’s something most of us have heard and would claim to believe and state, ‘Yes I live my life in that reality’. However many of us don’t completely trust God with our future, finances, and health. Many of us are still slow to forgive, are critical of others, judgemental, and all in all don’t really look much like Jesus. If only we realised how much he loves us then we would see all these faults and flaws start to change, we would also love others more, as holding all God’s love is hard to do.

The following is a list of some mini statements that come from being loved. By the way I don’t claim to have achieved all of this I just know and trust that God is working on me in these ways.

I trust God more as I know the way in which he loves me – means he is going to do the very best thing he can for me, now and forever.

I know he is not going to let me fall into any dangerous situation in the future, or with my finances and health where he is not going to be right there with me and is doing the best thing he can for me.

I learn that in the times when my circumstances seem to say God must be on holiday because this life sucks, he is in fact smack in the middle of it working the universe, time and space to love me in the best possible way.

I realise that even when I sin, make mistakes or am a general mess, he still loves me all the same, and enjoys the process of moulding me; therefore I am better at being patient with others through their mistakes.

I learn that he really does know best, which may not always be the way I would do things, but I learn to trust him even when it goes against my better judgement.

I learn that God really does care for me and my well being, even though life may be difficult and a real mess, he promises to go through it with me.

I no longer have the idea that I should be transported to some dream land where everything is blue skies and green grass because I have chosen to believe in him; No, I now want to walk with him and get to know him and share that relationship with others, and want others to be in that relationship.

I learn to forgive more quickly because I realise just how much I have been forgiven.

I am slower to judge and criticise because I know that he does not judge and criticise me.

My very heart changes, I no longer perform good acts because I am obligated to but because I want to. And when you want to do something you are so much more able and effective at it.

I realise that he enjoys my company, the times when I chat to him or even when I’m just thinking about him.

I learn that he never becomes fed up with me, bored of me or just too tired to deal with me, therefore I become less tired and fed up with others.

Jesus said, “A new command I give you, Love others as I have Loved you”. If you still haven’t realised how much he has loved you then how are you going to love others. The more we learn his character and the way in which he loves us the more equipped we are to love others.

I challenge you to wake up and ask God to show you how much he loves you, and when you are in a situation where you are worried about something, ask him to show you how much he loves you, so that you will know and trust him to get you through the situation.

Stephen Daly
June 2009
Living Loved


June 23, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts

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