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A journey out of the comfort zone

Sidley Baptist Church in the little town of Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England, has been led on a journey drawing it into the deep and furious waters of God’s love. It has been an uncomfortable time, as we have had to adjust to a movement of the Spirit that has dislodged us all from our comfort zones.

The signposts, which have been highlighted and which have opened up the way forward and which continue to be seen as paramount in this move of God are:

Listening. (Be Still and know that I am God)
Unity & Relationships. (Repentance and Reconciliation)
Presence. (Waiting on God)
Soaking – (Going Deeper – giving time and space to allow intimacy with God)
Living loved – Hearing the Father’s heartbeat.

From these crucial areas a ‘Big’ vision has been birthed. The church in this little area on the south coast of the UK, is preparing itself to be open all hours. It is preparing for an influx of prodigals; for a bumper harvest, as it casts the net of love over the area and large numbers are caught up into the kingdom. It is to be a place of safety and healing which is starting to impact the local area as disciples are made and they in turn make disciples, so that the world may know the Good News!

I have been privileged to see this developing and know that there is something extraordinary happening here. However I know that if this is to be an authentic move of the Holy Spirit, it will need to lead us into the desert, to the dark night of the soul. We will need to have egos stripped away. This is a painful place and we need to abandon ourselves into the hands of our Father. We must be servants and follow the example of Jesus. This is so easy to say but much harder to live out authentically. We need to rid ourselves of the trappings we so readily cling to. They don’t let go of us that easily either!

We can be so caught up with such matters as, numbers attending, finances, uniformity, positions, respectability and all those things which the world sees as important and panders after, that we lose the ability to hear the voice of the Lord, and our hearts become hardened. It is particularly important for all of us in any leadership role. This is why (and where) we need to live loved. We need the love of God to so infill us and direct us that even when we mess up, (individually or corporately) we will not fall into despair or harbour resentments or worse still, fall into the trap of controlling, manipulating and domineering the flock.

I stated at the beginning, “It has been an uncomfortable time as we have had to adjust to a movement of the Spirit that has dislodged us all from our comfort zones”. Uncomfortable..Yes… but so amazing!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME….watch this space!

Michael Daly
July 2009


July 21, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts

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