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When I grew up in the early fifties and sixties I was unaware of the burdens, which later in life would crush me. These were burdens laid on my shoulders by the Roman Catholic Church. At the same time it was the Roman Catholic Church that introduced me to Jesus and taught me about the love of God and the teachings of Jesus.

Whilst in my childhood I met with Jesus who has continued by grace to pursue me and fashion me into the person he created me to be. I have not yet arrived, but I am in the race and He who started this good work in me will complete it!

The Roman Catholic Church has many facets and is made up of men and women who like us all have fallen short. I do not agree with all it’s teaching, but I do agree with its Lord and Master and all He speaks in and through the broken and wounded and fallen vessels of its complex system. When it speaks prophetically I hear His voice. I have been given ears to hear and I would be foolish to shut my ears because of those areas in which I disagree.

I pray that the Roman Catholic Church would be bountifully blessed by the Lord!

I also pray that it would rid itself of all its pomposity and earthly grandeur so that all within its fold may live as a Servus servorum Dei (Servant of the Servants of God).

Let no one be mistaken, God is building His Church and the Roman Catholic church is truly part of it.

Michael Daly
July 2009


July 23, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts

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