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Rebuild the ancient ruins and Raise up the age old foundations…

I found the following quote by Peter Chelèický c 1390 – c 1460, who was a prophetic voice in a dark wilderness. As the Church seeks to go deeper, I hear the voice of the Lord calling out to us, to raise up the foundations. (Isaiah. 58.12)

Why? What have we been built upon? What are we building upon?

There is only one foundation we must build upon – Jesus Christ! Too often though, the Church has built itself on men, on power, on man-made doctrines and dogmas that have corrupted the simplicity of the gospel and sullied the face of God. We have even taken the bible and made an idol of it. We still have a clergy and laity divide which is not helpful to our unity in the body. Unlike our master who came to serve, we have within the institutional church a leadership from the top to the bottom. The clergy (Bishops, priests (pastors) and religious, are elevated so high over “lay” people, with their titles, positions, palaces and power; whilst strangely the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we follow, explicitly instructed His followers not to lord it over others.

Something is happening today within the Body of Christ, which is shaking the very foundations to see whether we are built on The Rock or on shifting sand.

“Nothing else is sought in this book but that we, who come last, desire to see the first things and to return to them insofar as God enables us. We are like people who have come to a house that has been burnt down and try to find the original foundations. This is the more difficult in that the ruins are grown over with all sorts of growths, and many think that these growths are the foundation, and say, ‘This is the foundation’ and ‘This is the way in which all must go,’ and others repeat it after them. So that in the novelties that have grown up they think to have found the foundation, whereas they have found something quite different from, and contrary to, the true foundation. This makes the search more difficult, for if all said, ‘the old foundation has been lost among the ruins,’ then many would begin to dig and search for it and really to begin a true work of building upon it, as Nehemiah and Zerubabel did after the destruction of the temple.” (From The Net of Faith. By Peter Chelèický)(Emphasis mine)

Michael Daly
January 2010


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts

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