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My Misunderstood Father.

I have been blessed these past few years by books that have both challenged me and encouraged at the same time. Writers such as Wayne Jacobsen, Gayle D Erwin ,along with Brennan Manning and now Darin Hufford have made me most uncomfortable. Darin Hufford’s book “The Misunderstood God” has been oxygen to a suffocating man. Can it be that I have lived 56 years, with so many graces given to me by the Lord Jesus, yet still be so blind and deaf? I believe the answer is yes!

In the Misunderstood God, Hufford makes some searching statements. He reveals the heart of Love – God my Father. I thoroughly recommend this book to you and pray that it will help you truly know Abba.

On page 23, at the end of Chapter two in ‘The Misunderstood God‘, Hufford writes, “I believe we’ve been deceived into believing a lie concerning love. But I also believe there’s an even deeper place in our hearts that knows exactly what love is. It’s a place that many of us have been afraid to trust most of our lives. This is the place I’m hoping you’ll go with me in reading this book. I believe everything you’ll read here will be a confirmation of what you already know in your heart.

Could you imagine me holding my nine-month-old son, Jude, in my arms and telling him that under no circumstances would I share my glory with him? What if I lovingly told him that if he disobeyed me again and again, I would pour gasoline on him and light him on fire? What kind of father would I be if I explained to him that he needed to give me 10 percent of everything he had or I would withdraw my hand of protection from his life and allow the fires of hell to swallow him? What if I told one of my daughters that she was put here on this earth to be a servant and a slave to me? Could you picture me telling my children that I’ve written everything about me down in a book and unless they read it every day of their lives, they’ll never know me? What parent would turn his head away from his son or daughter the moment the child made a mistake?”

Hufford’s imagery is shocking and profoundly healing.

What image of Love (Abba) do you have?

(Quotation taken from:-
The Misunderstood God. By Darin Hufford
Windblown Media. 2009. ISBN 978-1-935170-05-1)


Michael Daly
Living Loved


February 10, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts

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