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Remembering the persecuted Church this Easter

From an Email Prayer Alert received from Open Doors.http://www.opendoorsuk.org/

Michael Daly CJ
April 2010

A letter from prison

“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.”
– Philippians 3:10 [NIV]

As Christians across the world remember the agony of the cross and the triumph of the empty tomb this weekend, the church in Eritrea continues to know the reality of sharing in Christ’s sufferings.

On 27 March, military officials arrested 17 Christians gathered for prayer in Segenaite in southern Eritrea. Their arrest brings to 28 the reported number of Christians arrested for their faith since the beginning of March.

But despite the intense pressure God’s people are facing, they continue to stand firm. Below is the translation of a letter from an Eritrean pastor, written to his wife from prison.

My dearest wife

God, by His holy will, has prolonged my prison sentence to five years. I very much long for the day that I will be reunited with you, our children and God’s people in the church.

I would love to be free in order to serve God. But, in here, God has made me not only a sufferer for His Name’s sake in a prison of this world over which Christ has won victory, but also a prisoner of His indescribable love and grace.

I am testing and experiencing the love and care of our Lord every day. When they first brought me to this prison, I thought the devil had prevailed over the church and over me. I thought the work of the gospel in Eritrea was over.

But the moment I entered my cell, one of the prisoners called me and said, ‘Pastor, come over here. Everyone in this cell is [unsaved]. You are much needed here.’ So, on the same day I was put in prison, I carried on my spiritual work.

The longer I stay in here, the more I love my Saviour and tell the people here about His goodness. His grace is enabling me to overcome the longing that I feel for you and for our children. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Am I out of my mind?’ Well, isn’t that what the apostle said, ‘Whether I am of sound mind or out of my mind, I am Christ’s!’

– From a pastor in chains

More than 2,200 Christians remain unjustly imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea.

Source: Open Doors


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