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I was sad to get the news that one of my favourite sites Rock Canada and its Pod Cast “Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus” was ending.  Michael Rose and Mark Lang write in their final news broadcast, ” It was back in 2001 when we officially launched the Solid Rock Youth camp; Family Foundation (which we affectionately call the Rock), and we have seen it through joy, sorrow, ecstasy, suffering, clarity and confusion.   But we now feel we have seen that call through to the end.  Please hear us when we say that this is not the end, but simply the conclusion of the organization known as the Rock and any work done under its auspices.

We have not lost sight of our original vision: to know God intimately and to help others know Him intimately too. We can safely say this desire burns as deeply in our hearts today as ever, and we will continue to live and pursue that.  Mike has already begun preliminary work to engage seekers and Christians alike in developing deeper experience of God and healthy faith for everyday life, as well as being a resource and support to pastors, ministry and business leaders.  Mark continues to write and is prayerfully exploring his next steps.  As well, they both continue to meet with each other and those God brings their way to share the beautiful simplicity of the Good News.”

I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank them for the way they have helped me see outside the narrow (too often blinkered) parameters of my view of Church. I pray that they will be blessed in their new season and am sure that the best is yet to come!

I believe the site is going to be up for a little while. So take a look at it and have a listen to the old pod casts…they are good for the soul!

Live Loved

Michael Daly C.J.

August 2010


August 21, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts

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