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The Long Failure of the enlightenment project

I came across this interview with Dr. NT Wright on the BBC  ‘Radio 4 Today’ Website. I think it is worth a hearing.

Dr Tom Wright: ‘The long failure of the enlightenment project’


October 5, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I agree with much of what Bishop Wright says particuarly on Thatcherism and The Enlightenment . . .which despite its progressive scientific rheoteric does seem to me to have been almost a complete waste of time! It is for me finally “nailed into oblivion” at least this idea of Rational Humanity becomming enlightened by the deeds and allowed for deeds by the national socialist workers party of Germany and what they accomplished despite such rational thinking as moral goodness. I do not (obviously perhaps?) agree with his veiled comments on The papal authority! No matter what way its is clothed or presented the corporate image of the CofE against the autocratic Theotocracy of the Roman Church is a pale comparisson that is indeed of “faded light”. This notion that a church should be democratic and wide based to engulf conflicting ideas is I suggest mistaken. It is a central problem for all the Christian Churches but especially for a liberalised Anglican one, this deposit of Authority. The basis of scriptures authority cannot be independently manufactured and Rowan Williams whilst doing a sterling job at reminding a disbelieving world that God is real does not always have the clout to remind members of his liberalising church that Scripture as read in Protestant belief may not be subjected to an individuals choices. This central problem of Authority, whom has it, where it comes from and how it is to be understood remains a defining weakness in any church that may dilute truth for a greater (more liberal and rational western philisophical) understanding.

    Comment by Pablo Magnifico | October 5, 2010 | Reply

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