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I have so many people to thank for being there for me and for helping me see the bigger picture in 2010. Some are known to me personally…others are not. I have been blessed this year by friends near and far who have shared the pilgrimage. I have been blessed by writers and musicians whose hearts desire is to love God and make His love known to a world which is crying out for love. Words placed on a table of grace have fed me and chords from heavenly choirs have melted my too often frozen heart. I have been blessed by young people who have so many questions and a passion for Jesus that leaves me breathless. I have been blessed by older and more mature folk who have wrestled at  the Jabbok and have come away limping….but renewed in the love and power of God. I have listened to testimonies and sermons of broken lives healed and I have been encouraged, comforted and edified through prophet and teacher, pastor and priest.

Here are some of the saints who have touched my life with blessing. (In no particular order…..) Mike Norcock. Roger Crosthwaite. Dave and Carol Bishop. Kathy and Gordon Lee. Chris Spain. Brian McLaren. Henri Nouwen. John and Debbie Purfield. Anthony Purfield. Brian and Susan Betts. Jonnie and Pam Bugden. Phil and Gill Asselin. Brennan Manning. Gregory A Boyd. Colin Brooks. Eddie Harvey. Stephen Daly. Boniface Moran. Jim and Sue Hough.  Marie Miller. Nathaniel, Daniel and Stephen Daly. Rene and Anette Jorgensen. Penny Ward. Thelma Wood.Amanda Pattenden. Trevor and Bonnie Lyne. Br Charlie Coxall C.J. Sr Marianne Ansari. C.J. Br. Dylan Dickerson. C.J.  Sylvia Kirkpatrick.  Beth Ann Willis.  Mark Mills-Powell.  Colin Bass.  Alex Welby.  Matthew Lee.  Ian Rossol.  Andy Glover. Darin Hufford.  Gerard Kelly.  Joshua Bishop.  Glen Packiam.  Chris Atkinson.  Jim Palmer.  Bob Adams. Wayne Jacobsen. Mike Creasy. Sr. Ambrose. Sr. Sharon. Tracey Jeffreys. Dennis Costley. Andy and Heidi Belton. Richard Rohr. OFM. Paul Daly. Marigold Rivett-Carnac. Michael and Bridget Kitts. Francis MacNutt. Todd Agnew. Kim Walker. John Michael Talbot. Wes Sutton. Roger Forster.Jon Paul Jackson. Danny Silk. Mike Yaconelli. Vicky Beeching.  Gayle Erwin.  …and numerous others who have kept the flame burning in me.  Bless you all.



Michael Daly



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