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I Say My Prayers When It’s Calm…..

He was a simple old sailor, the skipper of the small boat that was taking them to the Shetlands, and they were a young, lively party, actors and actresses from London on tour, going to do a night or two on the islands. They were not above ‘taking the mickey’ a bit, and they thought his way of saying grace before meals very quaint and old fashioned. However, before long a storm blew up, a really severe north-easter, and as the little ship began to pitch more and more violently, morale among the visitors got lower and lower.

A small deputation went up to ask the Captain’s opinion. “Well,”  he said, “maybe we’ll get through, and maybe we won’t. I never remember such a storm.” The news was greeted with dismay down below, and finally another deputation went up to the bridge to ask whether perhaps the Captain would be so good as to come and say a prayer with his terrified passengers. His reply was simple: “I say my prayers when it’s calm; and when it’s rough, I attend to my ship.”



February 9, 2011 - Posted by | Thoughts

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