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Salvation Is Not Comfortable

Salvation Is Not Comfortable


Something to think about | Salvation is not comfortable. There is something terrifying about it. Even human love is terrifying in the forces that it releases and directs; and human love is a faint radiation from the fire of love which is God. Salvation is not a gentle application of vaseline to a small cut, but the breaking and resetting of ill-set bones. People who are complacent about themselves, their families, their homes, their work, who feel in short that they have got it made, will never glimpse the meaning of salvation. They will neither glimpse their own grandeur, nor all the powers that lie within their ultimate grasp. There is only one way for them to know their grandeur and that is to first know their need. We discover our need when we are faced with situations over which we have no control, and in which we have no hope. When the sick know that their “sickness is unto death” and they cannot save themselves, then they hear the voice telling them “take up your bed and walk” – for salvation is at hand.



From Ignatian Spirituality



March 11, 2011 - Posted by | Thoughts

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