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Beatification of John Paul II – Sullied

“An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.” – Alexander Pope (Quoted by John Paul II)

The late Pope John Paul II was a great man, who even with his failure to safeguard his flock from those clerical and religious wolves who abused thousands of children, was a remarkable visionary, who preached the gospel by his life and words. He sadly was part of the Roman imperial religious system, but he saw outside of this prison, and was willing to live in its captivity a life of grace, love and reconciliation. Was he a saint? Yes.. I think he was. All saints have their faults, but their sanctity is not based upon their failures. Whatever his faults, failures, weaknesses, John Paul II was a tireless ambassador of Jesus Christ.

But sadly on May 1st 2011 – when the  Roman Catholic Church should have been proclaiming joy to the world, it sullied its name and the name of late Pope John Paul II, by allowing  Robert Mugabe, to attend the mass and beatification in St Peter’s Square.  To read the excuse of Vatican Officials who said that he (Mugabe) was not personally invited but as the head of a state with which the Vatican has relations he was entitled to attend, is what can only be described as hypocrisy and farce. The Roman Church playing politics again, with no thought for the thousands of  Zimbabwean people and families of  who have suffered terribly at the hands of Mugabe and his regime. Wake up!

I was asked once, “Will the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy ever learn to walk the walk and not just talk the talk?”   My answer was, ‘We will have to wait and see………..but I wouldn’t hold your breath!’

Michael Daly. C.J.

May 2011


May 4, 2011 - Posted by | Thoughts

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  1. It is rather complicated but I do agree that with hindsight the appearance of Mugabe at the Vatican could have been better handled especially with the world pres being present. On the other hand we must not confuse Vatican diplomacy with the preaching of the Gospels. The Vatican has a very awkward history in the world whether it be the Hitler Concordat or the interference in the war of Serbian-Croatia. This however does not necessarily mean the Catholic Church is in error. Fortunately, Catholics and all people of good will may understand that the Church is in a forced Compromise with Evil and is often called to accept a lesser evil.
    Yet the presence of Mugabe does seem to add a sour note to Vatican diplomacy not least because he himself has been accused of persecuting the Church badly in his own country. Whatever the rational considerations behind allowing him to attend the service they do seem to be questionable but we must not allow our own indignation to cloud our core belief that the Catholic Church is the one true apostolic Church, its primacy is assured.
    There has been a vociferous howling by an ignoble minority against the Beatification of Pope John Paul. They claim his pontificate was flawed because he did not stop clerical abuse and he was an opponent to whatever agenda they hold fit. As Catholics we are not allowed to express opinions that may confuse or upset fellow Christians or any of our Neighbours nor are we to use the internet for our own agenda contrary to the will of Mother Church.
    John Paul is an undoubted saint and it seems it was the will of The Divine Mercy to confirm this fact. To accuse him of being responsible for the sins of the few is a sin against charity. Are we to blame for example Our Lord because he did not speak against the economic social structures of his day? Slavery and the abuse of the majority. Did not Jesus rather confirm the authority of the state in telling us to give to Caesar what is Caesars? And where in the Sermon on the Mount does he put these matters to right? Instead he speaks of purity and charity and love.
    If we hold such absurd views and sneer that John Paul is not a saint and indeed is responsible for the woeful neglect of his sheep whilst pontiff then we may be in danger of accusing Jesus of not understanding our world. It is a slippery trip to sin and the glorification of evil if we go down that road. Let us rejoice that God has blessed John Paul with his eternal friendship and blessed us by John Paul’s true and heroic virtue.

    Comment by Pablo Magnifico | May 4, 2011 | Reply

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