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Faith – spelt RISK…….. not-Maybe…..

I sometimes (too often indeed) instead of heeding the call to move out of my crystalised Christian comfort zone look glumly at the possibility of getting it wrong if I did….asking maybe I’ve heard wrongly….maybe I should hold back….maybe this isn’t such a good idea….maybe it’s the wrong time….maybe I’ll make matters worse…maybe….maybe ……maybe?


Recently I read of a promising 12-year-old athlete who went to a sports psychologist for help. She had all the skills of a future Olympic medalist, yet never seemed to live up to her potential. The psychologist handed her four darts and instructed her to toss them at a target across the office.


She looked at him nervously and asked, “What if I miss?”


Those four words kept her from reaching her potential. Instead of focusing on how to run and win the race, instead of focusing on how to succeed, she worried about how to keep from failing.


Faith is spelt RISK. The young athlete needed to trust her skills and not allow FEAR to stop her. Fear contends against faith. Fear is the destructive force and controlling weapon of Satan. We are told to live by faith… because we TRUST not in ourselves but in Him who is trustworthy.


I think Mike Yaconelli understood this when he wrote, “I want a lifetime of holy moments. Every day I want to be in dangerous proximity to Jesus. I long for a life that explodes with meaning and is filled with adventure, wonder, risk, and danger. I long for a faith that is gloriously treacherous. I want to be with Jesus, not knowing whether to cry or laugh…………I want to be “dangerous” to a dull and boring religion. I want a faith that is considered “dangerous” by our predictable and monotonous culture…..”


Come on…..are you going to risk it? I certainly am….and no ‘maybe’s’ allowed!



Michael Daly. C.J.

September 2011


September 13, 2011 - Posted by | Thoughts

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  1. Well its all very well other people telling you to go for it:- Nice if that is the witness of 2 spirits. Life was terrifying before we were saved now we may not feel brilliant, and only know that underneath are the everlasting arms. We may falter and flounder but He will not leave us, even when it feels like it! The first warm urge is from God, certainly if it has warmth, humour, compassion or righteous anger within our hearts. (The second and third reactions are the flesh and devil putting us off) God is Holy not hostile and laughs with us, weaning us from hypocriscy and pride. People may or may not react positively, in which case we learn how to handle them and have another go. I used to say, Lord I am gonna do this, stop me if I am wrong, as I get prophetic utterances, I ask for His timing, I test it and it comes after worship and praise. We do have a back to the wall mentality, sometimes when we are really stuck, we suddenly rise up by His power and praise and go for it. Sometimes if we ask, well always, he will give us a verse or psalm or hymn line that just touches our hearts and settles us to what to do. We are all walking wounded, all have had something really horrid happen and are amazed we have survived. Life is an adventure, can you imagine how bored you would be without Jesus? But when people ask me to write letters or sign petitions I usually think well Jesus didnt so I will pray and fast for a meal on this ( yes usually just one meal but still several cups of tea!) Other times you feel the anointing on your writing as it comes down your arm from your heart on to the page. The Holy Spirit is delicate like a butterfly and so are we. When toddlers fall over we pick them up, we all look like that to the Lord. He does not like anger and presumption, but humility and making mistakes are His brooding concern. Some people are naturally courageous, others of us have to pray for it regularly and He is faithful! Some call deeper faith taking your feet of the bottom and wading in deep, for me it feels more like flying or a long jump. Wow. If we had not been saved we would have been dead before time, heaven is marvellous, we are climbing a steep and narrow path and should do more to affirm and encourage one another, appreciation lightens the journey like laughter and every loss brings us much closer and more dependent on Him.
    Our hearts are being purified and anointed, and our intellects cleansed to be more like the mind of Christ – oh to be like Thee wonderful Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, Coming King
    He calls us Dearly Beloved because we are!

    Comment by vlri | November 22, 2011 | Reply

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