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I was recently sent a picture of a 21 week old unborn child’s hand reaching out from the womb as it was being operated on. This picture was taken back in 1999 and caused a lot of controversy then.  I am not concerned about the controversy or the debate that followed this remarkable event.  What strikes me is that this is the hand of a child, a living being, a person whom God has created and it is marvellous and wonderful to behold.    Samuel Armas – the child – is now 13 and although he has to wear leg braces and sometimes for long journeys has to use a wheel chair, he is said to be doing well and is very active.  Samuel’s mum said in an interview,

“What I felt the picture showed is that this is a child engaging in some form of interaction. I’m a labour and delivery nurse, so I understand that Samuel was anaesthetized to some degree.

“So if he reached out, I don’t know. If Dr. Bruner reached out, I don’t know. The fact of the matter is it’s a child with a hand, with a life, and that’s meaningful enough.”

Let’s give thanks to God for the wonder of His creation and for the skills He gives to men and women. Let us also pray for the thousands upon thousands of unborn children whose lives are literally torn away before they can cry out or reach out a hand to us.

Br. Michael Daly

April 2012


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  1. Extremely moving. How can anyone imagine that there is no sentient life present there?
    God is in that tiny hand, and in the hand touching it.
    Amazing love.

    Comment by Brother Charlie C.J. | April 4, 2012 | Reply

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