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Global Warming – Franciscans – McLaren – Another Agenda?

Brian McLaren writes in his blog that the Franciscans have got it right on climate Change. McLaren is speaking of a short statement on ‘Global Climate Change’ from a Franciscan fraternity in the USA  http://www.hnp.org/jpic/pdf/HNP-Statement-on-Climate-Change.pdf.   But have they got it right?

I am somewhat bothered by the way we as Church can get so easily caught up into this fear driven mentality which seems to be driven more and more by the world’s agenda wrapt up in a kind of pantheistic blanket. Having looked into the data we have on Climate Change, I am not satisfied that there is any scientific evidence for what is being preached. In regard to current Global Warming I read that “it is very likely human –induced”… which is but one quote from a US top scientific body.

What bothers me most as a Franciscan is that many of my brothers and sisters have been deceived into following a load of CO2. It seems that this doom and gloom diet prophesied by so many is being taken up and eaten so easily. It seems to draw people of different faiths closer and as the Franciscan document says in regard to global climate change, ” can spur humanity to undergo a profound spiritual and social transformation imbued with the values of solidarity, non-violence and intergenerational justice. Confronted by a crisis of great magnitude, we are called to harness the creative powers of the human heart, mind and soul to help create pathways to a more ecologically sustainable, just and beautiful world desired by God”. But what God are they speaking of here and what kind of spiritual transformation?

My sincere concern for my Franciscan brethren and for the Church is that we do not allow the diet of the world’s smorgasbord to become ours……I fear …. it may already be too late……..!

Michael Daly. C.J.

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