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Halloween – A Holy Night.

The following was first posted in October 2008……

I am getting ready for some youngsters to come knocking on my door on the 31st asking for a trick or treat. It seems we in England (as well as many other countries) have taken on this unusual practice from the USA, where they dress up in grotesque costumes and try to scare the hell out of one another. I don’t fully understand where this all came from, especially as they are celebrating an ancient Christian vigil, (All Hallows Even) which was meant to give thanks to God and remember the saints in glory? It is possible that a celebration spilled over from England where they celebrated the notorious Gun Powder Plot with festivities and gruesome parades where some Protestants would put on masks and go to Catholic homes to scare those in them to giving them something. I think, with a mixture of cultures and a sectarian hatred of Catholicism and the desire to party, this celebration developed.

The use of pumpkins was just part of ancient Celtic harvest festivities and nothing more sinister. The development of witches and devils came out of people’s imaginations and the treasury of their own hearts rather than having Occult or Satanic origins. (I do not doubt Satan can use these things!)

So, should Christians be involved in the celebration of Halloween?

Only in so far as it gives us an opportunity to proclaim the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to a dark world.

When those young tick or treat callers knock on your door, welcome them and explain what this celebration is actually about. ‘All Hallows Even’, calls us to give thanks to God. It is still a night where those in the Roman Catholic Church prepare for ‘All Saints day’ (which was for many years celebrated on 1st November}, which for them is a celebration of those holy men and women who have died and are now in heaven with God. More than this it gives the Church an opportunity of proclaiming the Excellencies of Christ Jesus.

Why not get hold of a few booklets of the Gospel of John, or similar, and give these out with a sweet or two. Let us use this night to proclaim the Light of the World and show to the lost the way of salvation.

Do all for the glory of God!

Michael Daly. CJ

October 2008


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  1. We don’t often celebrate Halloween but in the wake of Superstorm
    Sandy we put up lights and set out the pumpkins and then invited the neighborhood children to trick or treat. It was our way of standing in solidarity with our neighbors on the east coast who are going through such an horrendous time right now. A lot of children cannot participate in Halloween this year because conditions are just too dangerous. Our prayers are with you all. The smiles and laughter of the children who came to our door, and the appreciation of their parents that we took time out for their little ones are a prayer to God that all suffering will be made good in Christ Jesus.

    Comment by Sr. Mary Ann Eagle C.J. | November 1, 2012 | Reply

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