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Truth and Parable

A rabbi was once asked, “Why does a parable possess such great influence?”

The rabbi replied. “I will explain this by way of a parable: ‘Truth was accustomed to walk about as naked as Truth was born. No one allowed Truth to enter a home and everyone who encountered Truth ran away in fright.

‘Truth felt greatly embittered and could find no resting place. One day Truth beheld Parable attired in colorful, expensive garments. Parable inquired, “Why are you so dejected, my friend?”

‘Truth replied, “I am in a bad situation. I am old, very old, and no one cares to have anything to do with me.”

‘”Not so,” retorted Parable, “it is not because of your age that you are disliked by people. Look, I am as old as you are, and the older I grow, the more do I seem to be loved. Let me disclose to you the secret of my apparent popularity. People enjoy seeing everything dressed up and somewhat disguised. Let me lend to you some of my garments, and you will see that people will like you as well.”

‘Truth followed this counsel and dressed in the garments of Parable. Ever since then, Truth and Parable have walked hand in hand, and everyone loves them both.’


Louis I. Newman.  (Maggidim & Hasidim, p. 136)



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