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Abusive Shepherds

……as a Pastor I seek to enable the flock in my care encouraging them to live in the freedom of Christ, but too often I see Pastors, Priests and Leaders, placing burdens on the flock in their care, and binding them up and imprisoning them. These shepherds seek to control and manipulate the flock …..People are looking for God, and they hope that the church, fellowship or Community will be that place to find Him, as it claims to have God and the truth. Unfortunately, what happens is that they find a fellowship which they believe will help them find God. What they find however is a system that gives them more work to do in order to be “close” to or to “go deeper” with God.

When leaders put more burdens and expectations upon the flock, then we need to stand up and speak out. When leaders twist scriptures around to fit their agendas. When leaders ask for more money to do God’s work. When they expect more giving, more input, more output, more of anything… beware!!

As we read in Matthew 21, when Jesus enters the temple, he overturns the tables with money piling up, he makes a whip and drives out those peddlers of money orientated religion. So much of what I see in the Church today is bound in with the false teaching of prosperity preachers, who peddle their gospel at the expense of the poor and downtrodden.

If you find yourself in a church, fellowship or Community where the leaders put expectations upon you whilst feeding their ego’s and not your spirit, soul and body….building their kingdoms but not the Kingdom of God….loving you with words, but failing to be loving shepherds after our master’s example, who would leave ninety-nine in search of one lost sheep….placing expectations upon your shoulders which are millstones around your neck…..don’t listen to them! They are door closers who deceive themselves into believing they are door openers. They shut off the kingdom of heaven.

“Spiritually abusive systems do not shut people out from synagogues, temples—or, in our Christian context, from churches, fellowships or religious communities. On the contrary, systems like this spend great energy trying to get people to come. Consequently, people may first experience fellowship and a sense of being “right with God.” But in the context of a false authority, increasing loads, external performance, and religious pride, it is unlikely that the experience of joyful liberty under God’s reign will continue. Consider this: Is it possible to grow up in the church, do all the “do’s,” don’t do the “don’ts,” know all the doctrine—and still not enter into the Kingdom? What a tragedy to spend a lifetime around religion and never to have experienced the reality of Christ alive in and among us! Such is the danger in a spiritually abusive system. We dare not minimize this. We must all examine whether we are offering people life in the Spirit only to substitute something far less when they have accepted the invitation.”


Br. Michael

February 2013


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