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The Name


What is this image
that you set before me?
Who is this idol that you identify yourself with?
In whose name was it fashioned? Not mine!

I know you (my child)
For I formed you in the womb
In my image
I created you.
I have engraved you on the palm of my hand.

Where are you?
What image do you now cover yourself with?
Lost and disobedient child.
Hear my word., Your Father is calling you.

Know my name
For in it you will find your true self,
Freedom and
I am who I am.

Precious Child,
Your heart has been darkened
by this image driven mindset which
the world applauds claiming to be wise,
yet, exchanging my Glory for
Image. Image. Image!

What image is this that makes you run
and hide from me?
What image is this that imprisons you
in the captivity of self,
exchanging truth for a lie and
light for darkness?

Can you be better?
More holy?
More strong?
More overcoming?
More caring?
More feeling?
More esteemed?
Can you be that….. image?

O how you desire it;
To live up to it,
To encapsulate it,
To revel in it…..!!
But it is a lie!
It is not you my Child.

The enemy has pursed you,
but then, so have We.
This image you seek and have sought after
makes you captive through a lie.
Let my truth now set you free.

Stand up!
Throw off this false self
which has no light or truth.
Look to me.
For in my light you will find light for your path

Rejoice and see!
Know my name, which is in you
I am who I am,
You are made in my image alone.

I am the image of the invisible God
and I am your maker and redeemer.
At my name every knee will bow.
Know now my name in you my Child,
It is Salvation!

And when they ask you
who you are?
Don’t look to what you want to be.
For that image is an idol.
Stand up in my name
and say,
‘I am who I am has spoken and in Him
I am me’.

Michael Daly CJ. June 2008


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