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Part of the ‘Dumbing Down’ of humanity – The LGBT Agenda

There seems to be today the idea that if you disagree with certain lifestyles you are hater of those people/persons. This is particularly true within the LGBTQ community, but covers a multitude of life choices much bigger than these. When I was a young man living a debauched hedonistic prodigal lifestyle, my father disliked and disagreed with my lifestyle…but he never hated me. I may dislike and disagree with my son’s choice of lifestyle but I do not hate them! I have friends with whom I disagree because of their lifestyle choices…but I do not hate them! I know a multitude LGBTQ people as well as heterosexuals…I may disagree and/or dislike some of their lifestyles…but I do not hate them! To promote such an idea (that if you dislike or disagree with another’s lifestyle, gender orientation or choice, means you are a hater of them) is part of the dumbing down of our humanity and a way that will inevitably lead to the death of reason, free thought and society!


Brother Michael Daly. CJ May 2014


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